How do I create an account to receive points?

Our shop works with a points system. Every time you order from our shop and you are logged into your account, a number of points will be allocated to your account based on the products you buy.  Follow the shown steps to create an account so you can start collecting points. 

You can login directly into the rewards program by clicking on the tab "Rewards Program" on our website as shown below. Please see the image for the location of the tab. 


 The reward program tab will lead to the option to create an account in our shop. Make sure to to do this by clicking on the option to create a store account. 


As soon as you click on the option to create a store account it will lead you to a form where you can fill out your information.Account_3.jpg

 Now that you've created an account you can start ordering -while staying logged in- and start collecting points. The points don't have an expiry date and you can spend them on your next order by converting them into coupons. 





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