Can you make copies of Polaroid and Impossible pictures?

For many integral film photographers, the one-of-a-kind nature of shooting Polaroid or Impossible film is a large part of the allure and romance of the medium. Having both positive and negative contained in the photo means that there is only one of this photograph. To get around this limitation and create copies of an instant photo, you will need to either scan the photo (easier option) or physically remove the negative from the film (a more involved process).

The best way to create copies of your most beloved instant photographs is to create a digital copy, and then print more copies using the Impossible Instant Lab Universal. More details on the Instant Lab Universal can be found; here.

Update (July 20, 2017): this item is currently out of stock worldwide.

For the scanning process, there are many scanner types available on the market. In addition, with just the cameras on your smartphone and downloading The Impossible Project App. For more information on how to scan using your smartphone, see our FAQ article; here

There is also the option of physically manipulating the film so as to separate the negative and positive (see: Creative Film Techniques). Once you have the film negative in hand, you can print and enlarge using classic analog photography practices. Alternatively, you can scan and invert the negative. From this digital file you can now print as many copies as you want - or - utilise the instant lab to create new copies onto Impossible film (as stated above).



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