Polaroid Pack Film

Packfilm was introduced by Polaroid in the early 1960s as successor of the Polaroid Rollfilm. The new Packfilm was designed to be much easier to use for the consumer. Pack film was different in that there was no longer a film coating, and that fixer was no longer a necessity.

As the name suggests, you need Polaroid Packfilm for Polaroid Packfilm cameras. Packfilm camera models are as follows:100, 200, 300, 400, and the Colorpack series.

Unfortunately, this film is no longer in production. Polaroid ceased production of this film type years ago, and we are unable produce new pack film as the machinery to do so was dismantled many years ago.

You can still find some Packfilm compatible film which was being produced by Fujifilm up until 2016. Unfortunately, Fujifilm also stopped all production of this film format and only old stock is available for sale. Film formats compatible are: Fujifilm FP-100c (colour) or FP-100b and FP-3000b (black & white).




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