How to charge the battery of the Instant Lab / Instant Lab Universal

The Instant Lab / Instant Lab Universal is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, unlike Polaroid® cameras that are powered by the battery in the film pack.

 The battery is non-removable and mounted below the roller system. No other type of batteries can be used. The battery will provide many years of service if properly used. 

The rechargeable battery is not fully charged at the time of purchase. Charge the battery fully with the provided Impossible USB Charger. This usually takes 1 – 2 hours (can vary on usage).  When plugged in, a red LED will show the device is charging, and when 100% fully charged the LED turns off. After charging the Instant Lab Universal it is advised to remove the cable when fully charged

 The Instant Lab doesn’t feature an ON/OFF switch, which means that even when not in use, the whole system draws a very small amount of power. Power consumption varies depending on the environment the device is used in and how the device has been stored. Usually the battery will power the processing of dozens of film packs with one single charge. 

 Once the battery energy level falls below a certain minimum, the device will no longer process film. The LED will blink and signal when it needs to be recharged. This is to avoid a photo from getting stuck as it’s being processed through the roller system. 

The supplied battery charger is ONLY for the Instant Lab. Do not charge any other type of battery with the supplied charger as this could cause explosion, leaking, overheating or fire. Battery replacement can only be done by Impossible Service Centers.

 If you need more information or if you face a problem with the battery of your Instant Lab, please see our FAQ or contact our customer service at and attach images showing your issue with the Instant Lab. Please also specify the serial number of your Instant Lab (on the label on the back of device) and your order ID if you have ordered on our online shop.


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