Which Film to use with the Instant Lab

All Impossible square-format films (600, SX-70 and films for Impossible Cameras) are compatible but the 600 type film is recommend for better results with the Instant Lab. These films feature the classic white frame as well as newly created Special Editions.


The Impossible films for 600-type cameras have a sensibility of 640 ASA. Find all 600 films on our website


The Impossible films for SX-70-type cameras have a sensibility of 160 ASA. Find all SX-70 films on our website.


The Impossible films for Impossible Cameras have a sensibility of 640 ASA. Unlike all the other Impossible films, these films don’t include a battery and can therefore only be used in the Instant Lab and not in classic Polaroid® cameras.


Read more about Impossible films.


When using the Instant Lab, make sure that the film you select on the App matches the film inserted in the Instant Lab. The App will adjust and control the exposure time depending on the ASA of the film. 


The App will ask you to choose between the films listed below:



• COLOR 600

• B&W 600


• B&W SX-70 


Read more about the Impossible Project App 

TIPS for a better use of the Instant Lab



Please note:  the Impossible Image/Spectra films are not compatible with the Instant Lab as they have a wider format. You won’t be able to insert them in the Instant Lab.

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