My photo has spots or strange artifacts


The chemistry in an Impossible photo is sensible to light and temperature, and must also be handled carefully before and during the development.



  • Never squeeze a film pack or you will lose part of your pictures. 
  • Always hold the pack by its edges. 
  • Make sure that the metal rollers of your Polaroid camera are clean. The two rollers eject the picture from your camera and are accessible by opening the film compartment. You can easily clean them and free them of any dirt or dried up film chemistry with a soft cloth and some water.


During the development:

  • Shield your picture from light as soon as it ejects from the camera
  • Do not bend or shake your picture during development. 
  • Do not touch or add pressure to the picture in the image area before it has fully developed. 
  • Carefully hold and handle the image on the white frame only. 


An image that has been bended or shaken during the development will show strange artifacts, which have a shape that is similar to a fingerprint or a leaf. The areas where the chemistry has been bended might also result in a change in the color.


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