What's inside an Impossible film box? (Diagrammatic View)

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All Impossible film packs contain eight sheets of integral film, protected by a disposable darkslide (Read: Why 8 and not 10?). The film pack also contains a battery that powers the camera's built-in film ejection motor and, in cameras so equipped, the built-in electronic flash

An Impossible photo is composed of:

  • A light-sensitive negative - consisting of a film base coated with layers containing silver halide grains, image dyes and inter-layers
  • A transparent cover sheet - through which the negative is exposed and the positive image viewed
  • A thin foil pod - containing enough reagent to develop one picture

All components are produced and/or assembled in our two factories in Germany and The Netherlands. The negative part is produced in our coating plant in Monheim, Germany. The film emulsion is produced in the Impossible factory (former Polaroid® factory) in Enschede, The Netherlands. All Impossible film packs are proudly produced and assembled in Enschede, The Netherlands.


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