Why are there only 8 photos in an Impossible film pack?

Impossible film is different than Polaroid® film. The chemistry and components used by Polaroid® are no longer available and therefore the formula had to be re-invented.

Impossible photos are different than Polaroid® photos as the resulting frame, chemistry and even the pods are thicker (more voluminous) than the old Polaroid® film sheets. Films packs only contain 8 photos because it is simply not possible to fit 10 in the cassette. This means that the frame-counter on your Polaroid® camera will always be off by 2; when 10 shots are indicated remaining, it means 8 - when 2 shots are indicated remaining, it means 0.

The size of the cassette necessarily must remain the same size as it was conceived to fit all compatible Polaroid® cameras.

Below is an exploded diagrammatic view of an Impossible film cartridge:

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