What is the number at the back of the image? (batch number)



Those numbers are the batch number of your image, giving you information on when the film was produced and which type it is.

 This 10 digit code breaks down into 5 pieces, which each set of 2 digits giving you a specific piece of information:

  • number 1 and 2: Month of the production
  • number 3 and 4: Year of the production
  • number 5 and 6: Machine used for the production (used for internal records)
  • number 7 and 8: Type of film
  • number 9 and 10: Day of production


Here is the list of the different film types code used as number 7 and 8:

  • 02: B&W film for SX-70
  • 32: B&W film for 600 and Image/Spectra
  • 70/72/73: Color film for SX-70 (including Monochrome Cyan SX-70)
  • 80/82/83: Color film for 600 and Image/Spectra (including Monochrome Magenta and Cyan 600)
  • 33:BW for I-type 
  • 84:Color for I-type

    When contacting the customer service, it is very important to provide this number as the production team keeps a record of defective films to be able to avoid these problems in the future. It is also easier for the customer service team to understand which film it is and the exact production date.


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