My photo doesn't eject

This problem can happen because of these different reasons:

  • battery of the film pack is empty
  • defective camera 
  • battery contacts of the film pack or camera are corroded


If the first (few) picture(s) of the film pack ejected correctly but the others don’t, the battery of the film pack is empty. Please note that the flash and the ejection of the image are triggered by the battery of the film pack. If you let your camera open for a long time, the battery will be drained. Make sure to close your camera if you don’t use it, so the flash won’t load during this period and you will save the battery in the film pack.


If you have inserted the film but the first darkslide doesn’t eject, please try to re-insert this pack of film and (if possible) with another fresh pack of film. If the camera won’t eject the darkslide, then your camera is defective and need to be repaired. 


You might want to check the battery contacts of the camera as well, as they might as well be corroded. The contacts in the camera are two copper springs that extend form the bottom of the film compartment. You can either try to clean them with a flat, slim object or you can simply pull out an reinsert the film cassette for several times, to scratch possible oxidation and corrosion of these contacts.


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