What is the date stamped on the film package?

To identify if your film packaging features the ‘production’ date or the ‘best before’ date, please have a look at the back of the packaging, on the top:

  • if the film has a ‘production’ date: use the film within one year after the date stamped.
  • if the film has a ‘best before’ date: use the film before the date stamped. 

Read more about the number printed on the back of your images.


Stamp with production date
Impossible decided in December of 2015 to implement a standard embossed “production date” stamp. We are implementing this stamp across the range with immediate effect, regardless of box type being either the production date or the best before date. 

Should your film package feature this production date stamp as seen in the below image, this production date will be leading.

Quality of the film and storage
Chemical changes occur as film ages. These changes can eventually affect how well the film performs. The expiration date marks the point in this process after which it is unlikely that the film will produce images that meet Impossible’s standards of quality. 

However, the aging of film depend on many factors including storage, temperature and humidity. Therefore, a film may continue to produce acceptable results for some time after it has officially expired if stored correctly.

Expired film
Expired materials can also produce interesting results, but we cannot guarantee that they will process at all. The most common effects of aging are a loss in image contrast, color shifts or uneven spread of the chemistry over the image area. 

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