My photo shows vertical stripes


These vertical stripes on the image are connected to the three white pods (bags) that you will find on the back and at the bottom of your Impossible photo. These pods contain the emulsion paste that gets spread between the positive and the negative part when the photo ejects the camera. 


This problem occurs when a film hasn’t been stored properly or used within 12 months after production. In those cases, parts of the emulsion paste will evaporate, causing these undesired stripes.


These stripes can be avoided by storing the unopened films flat in a cool place (e.g. fridge). We also recommend to use Impossible films within 12 months after the production date.


  • Photo credit: ~ MerriMayhem ~


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 If you need more information, please contact our customer service at and attach some scans or digital images of your pictures showing the issue. Please also specify the number on the back of the picture (link: batch number).

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