The Polaroid® 600 camera

The Polaroid® 600 camera was the most popular of all. Produced in various designs over decades, this camera was the best way of starting instant photography with an easy-to-use camera, one that features everything that is needed for a first experience. The Polaroid® 600 camera works with all Impossible instant films for Polaroid® 600 cameras - featuring the classic square format.

Due to all those (hundreds) of different models, the design may be different to the one displayed on the web shop, as well as the cosmetic condition.

There are some features that all Polaroid® 600 cameras, sold by Impossible, come out of the box with:

- Built-in flash for shooting in darker light conditions and at night

- The Impossible Film Shield to protect the pictures while developing

- One year warranty + warranty card

These are all suitable type 600 films we currently offer.

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