The Polaroid® Image/Spectra camera

The Polaroid® Image/Spectra camera was introduced in 1986 and features a different format than the SX-70 or 600 camera. Being a bit wider, the cinematic format is able to capture brighter exposures. It always comes with a flash built inside. There a few different models. Some of them have easy settings while others have manual options such as the capability to de-active the autofocus and a self timer - to create nice group shots with you included on it.

There are some features that all Polaroid® Image/Spectra cameras:

-one switch:exposure control slider

-full switch:exposure control slider; flash, AutoFocus and sound override; self-timer and a feet or meters distance selector

- Built-in flash for shooting in darker light conditions and at night

- The Impossible Film Shield to protect the pictures while developing

- One year warranty + warranty card

Those are the suitable films we currently offer.

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