Which Polaroid® or Impossible Camera Should I Buy?

Each photographers need is unique but with some research and understanding of the differences between the camera models available, you will be able to identify which camera best suits your individual style. Below is a comparison of 4 of the most common model types.


1. Polaroid® 600 Box-Type Cameras


First released in 1981, the boxy design of these 600-series cameras is what made them iconic. This is the camera most people think when they hear the word 'Polaroid'.
  • A simple point-and-shoot that's fun, quick and easy-to-use... Perfect for beginners
  • Comes with a built-in automatic flash and (usually) a fixed focus lens
  • Flash override capability and exposure correction slider
  • Battery is integrated into each film pack (therefore camera does not require batteries)
  • Comes with Impossible film shield already installed to protect photos after ejection
  • The most affordable of all camera options
  • Widest available selection of films to choose from 

The perfect camera for: Beginners, casual shooters, people who want to rely on autofocus (or fixed-focus) and fans of special edition films. More serious users can consider a step up to the Sun660 or the high-end SLR680/690 models.

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2. Polaroid SX-70 Camera





Released in 1972 and now a design icon, the SX-70 is the model favoured by artists and professionals. SX-70 cameras shoot at lower ISO demanding more light but allowing for greater depth and detail. The SX-70 was the very first folding SLR camera in the world. 

  • Sleek, well-built, folds flat to carry
  • Glass lens with minimum focus distance as close as 10 inches
  • Battery is integrated into each film pack (therefore camera does not require batteries)
  • Both manual-focus and auto-focus models available
  • No built-in flash (sold separately) 
  • Shutter speed ranging from 1/175 (for action shots) to 10 seconds (for long exposures at night)
  • Cross compatible with 600-type film with 0.4 ND filter installed

The perfect camera for: Enthusiasts who want to shoot with a professional camera, those who are interested to learn about instant photography and don't mind a more nuanced shooting process

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3. Polaroid® Image/Spectra Camera


The last generation of Polaroid instant film cameras, with digital controls using a new wide-format film. Polaroid introduced the Spectra system of cameras in 1986. 

  • Image/Spectra film has a unique rectangular shape: 9.2 x 7.3 cm rather than the usual square format typically associated with Polaroid cameras
  • Both experienced and beginner photographers love experimenting with this different format, used often for landscapes, portraits and to give photos a more cinematic feel.
  • Only classic films to choose from: Black & White or Colour (with white frame only)
  • Wider format, built-in flash
  • Many manual controls (some models), glass-coated lens (some models) 

The perfect camera for: Lovers of more cinematic formats, photographers who like to play with settings, party photographers. 

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4. Impossible I-1 Camera

9001_I-1_front_FlashOn.jpg   9001_I-1_side3-4.jpg

The Impossible I-1 is the first new camera in over a decade for the classic instant photo format. Featuring an advanced ring flash, full-manual control (via bluetooth pairing), all-glass viewfinder and an eye-catching design. The camera itself contains a rechargeable battery, allowing I-type and 600-type film compatibility. 

  • Advanced ring flash provides soft diffuse light - ideal for taking portrait shots
  • Works with both I-type and 600-type film 
  • Full photographic control over shutter speed, aperture, lens selection, flash (when paired with mobile app)
  • Mobile App Modes: Gallery, Double Exposure, Light Painting,

The perfect camera for: Instant photography lovers looking for full control over the photographic process, both as a point-and-shoot and as a studio camera, the Impossible I-1 fits the bill.

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