Choosing the right camera

Each need is different but there are differences between the cameras, the prices as well as film availability. Here is a comparison of those cameras:


  • The Polaroid 600 Camera:

Price: The most affordable of all cameras
Film: Most film editions available are for 600 cameras - you have the biggest selection to choose from. Camera: Plastic lens, easy to just put in your bag and take it with you, camera strap mostly included, built-in flash for pictures at night and in the dark.

The perfect camera for: Starters, casual shooters, people who want to rely on autofocus and fans of special edition films.

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  • The Polaroid SX-70 Camera:

Price: The high-end camera
Film: Many special editions to choose from, as well as standard Color and B&W films.
Camera: Glass lens, SLR camera, foldable and very compact, no flash built-in, manual focus version or autofocus and manual focus (sonar) version.

The perfect camera for: Film enthusiasts, people who want to shoot with a professional camera, lovers of analog focussing.

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  • The Polaroid Image/Spectra Camera:

Price: The mid-end camera
Film: Classic films and some special editions to choose from.
Camera: Glass-Coated lens (in some models), wider format, built-in flash, manual settings in some models, compact.

The perfect camera for: Lovers of more cinematic formats, photographers who like to play with settings, party photographers. 

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