Non-supported cameras

Impossible took over the old Polaroid® factory in Enschede, The Netherlands in 2008. This factory produced integral films (8x10, SX-70, 600 and Image/Spectra film) only.

There are many film formats that are not supported, due destroyed and/ or not available production machines as well as production stop by Polaroid® back then:

  • Roll film

For cameras such as Model 95, Swinger or J33

  • Peel apart film (Type 100, Type 80 and 4x5)

For cameras such as Model 180, 340 or 103

  • 35mm film

For Polaroid® 35mm cameras and the Polaroid® auto processor

  • Super 8 film

Polaroid® Supervision camera

  • iZone film

Polaroid® iZone camera 

  • 500 film

Polaroid® Captive or Joycam

  • 4x5 film

For camera back


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