Impossible Refurbishment of Polaroid cameras


The Impossible Project artfully refurbishes classic Polaroid cameras. Old cameras get collected, cleaned and repaired so they are ready for a new generation of photographers. Impossible refurbishes the following camera types:

- The Polaroid 600 camera

- The Polaroid SX-70 camera

- The Polaroid Image/Spectra camera

All cameras offered were produced by Polaroid in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Therefor, the cosmetic condition of those cameras is different for each one of them. Every camera comes with a one year warranty.

Impossible refurbishes those cameras in Enschede, The Netherlands and Brooklyn, New York. Leaded by our camera specialist who spent over 30 years repairing cameras for Polaroid, cameras get cleaned, repaired and afterwards, carefully packed.

Those three camera types were the most popular Polaroid cameras of all time. Their formats are supported by Impossible with newly developed analog instant film.


Besides refurbishing cameras, Impossible also repairs cameras.

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