Tips for Cleaning Your Camera

Please remember that all Polaroid® and Impossible® cameras must be cleaned with care.

Only clean with a slightly wet cloth when you are working on the plastic or metal components of the camera. Do not use chemical cleaners of any variety, they can damage your camera. If cleaning the leather components (as on the SX-70 or SLR 680 cameras), make sure you do it with care and soft fabrics so as not to tear the leather.

To clean the lens of the camera, use a microfibre cloth designed for such a purpose. This will ensure that you do not scratch the lens or leave behind any strands which may impact the quality of your photos.

Cleaning the rollers of your camera is amongst the most important aspects of maintaining your camera. The rollers are accessible by opening the film compartment of the camera. You can easily clean them with a soft cloth dampened with water. We recommend that you to check the rollers of your camera after each pack of film you use. The cleanliness of the rollers is crucial in ensuring the even spread of chemistry between the negative and positive part of the photo. If they are dirty, the chemistry won’t be spread correctly and you will see noticeable defects on your photos.


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