Installing a Film Shield on a Box type camera

The Impossible Film Shield protects your instant photographs from light as they are ejected from the camera. The few first moments of the development process are particularly sensitive and crucial - The Impossible Film Shield reduces the chance of your photo emerging with apparent defects. The Film Shield is reusable and compatible with all box-type Polaroid® 600 cameras with the exception of the One600 camera and box-type Polaroid® SX-70 cameras. 

 You can find the correct Film Shield for your Box camera on our online shop.


NOTE: The Impossible Film Shield is already installed on all of our refurbished cameras.


Installation Procedure

  • To replace the Film Shield on your camera, you will need your box type camera, a new Impossible Film Shield and a small flathead screwdriver or a blunt knife.



  • Open the film compartment door and on the bottom half of the camera opening: you should see plastic bumps on the inside of the door (green in this image, but yours may be black or another color).



  • Using a flathead screwdriver or blunt knife, push up the two bumps on the left and right hand side of the door. This should release the plastic strip from the front of the camera. This step may require some effort before you are able to successfully release this component.



  • You should now be able to remove the plastic strip. If your camera has an old Polaroid® Film Shield already installed, remove it now.



  • Install the new Impossible Film Shield by ensuring that the bumps on the plastic strip align with the notches on the Film Shield as shown in the photo.



  • Also ensure that the Impossible Film Shield is positioned correctly, with the roll facing inwards when you lay the Film Shield down, shown below.



  • Carefully press the plastic strip (with the newly installed Impossible Film Shield) back into place, ensuring that the bumps on the plastic strip click back into the notches on the camera.



  • When you take a photo, the image should eject directly under the Film Shield, with the roll tucking under the end of the photo as below.




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If you need more information, please contact our customer service at and attach some scans or digital images of your pictures showing the issue. Please also specify the number on the back of the picture and your order ID if you have ordered on our online shop.



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