Installing a Film Shield on a Folding type camera

This new version of the Impossible Film Shield attaches to your Polaroid® SX-70 and SLR 680 folding camera. The Impossible Film Shield (also known as Frog Tongue) protects your instant photographs from light as they are ejected from the camera. The reusable device improves the results you can achieve with the Impossible Film range and still allows your camera to be closed when attached.

You can find the correct Film Shield for your Folding type camera on our online shop.


  • To install a Film Shield on your SX-70 or SLR680 you will need your camera, an Impossible Film Shield and a dark slide or Impossible photo.



  • The main aim is to have the Film Shield roll out over each photo through the ejection slot (shown on the below diagram).



  • First, open the camera, set aside and slide the Impossible Film Shield over the dark slide or Impossible photo, covering it completely.



  • You should have the small roll at the bottom of the photo and you should hold onto the wider matt section of the Film Shield at the top.



  • Holding the top part of the Film Shield, slide the Film Shield and photo through the ejection slot. This needs to go on top of the rollers and behind the angled plastic cover.



  • Feed this through in the direction of the ejection slot.



  • Feed the slide all the way through the ejection slot at the bottom of the camera.



  • Push the slide through until the matte section sits in front of the rollers.



  • The slide should rest loosely in front of the rollers as shown below.



  • The correct height means that the notch in the Film Shield should sit below the wheel / gear as shown below.



  • Close the door and remove the photo - when you take a new photo, the image should eject directly under the Film Shield, with the roll tucking under the end of the photo as below.



  • When the camera is closed, the Film Shield sits outside the camera. You can leave this in the camera, but check the position of the Film Shield when you open the camera.



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If you need more information, please contact our customer service at and attach some scans or digital images of your pictures showing the issue. Please also specify the number on the back of the picture and your order ID if you have ordered on our online shop.

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