Installing a Film Shield on an Image/Spectra type camera

The Impossible Film Shield shields your instant photographs from light as they are ejected from the camera. This greatly improves the exposure and development of your photographs. This Impossible Film Shield (also known as Frog Tongue) works with all Polaroid® Image/Spectra cameras.

You can find the correct Film Shield for your Image/Spectra type camera on our online shop.

NOTE: the Impossible Film Shield is already installed on our Refurbished Cameras.


  • To replace the Film Shield on your camera, you will need your Image/Spectra type camera, a new Impossible Film Shield and a small flathead screwdriver.



  • Open the film compartment door and on the right hand side you'll see a small plastic bump (marked in pink here).



  • Using a small screw driver, press the plastic bump towards the gear (or away from the middle of the camera).



  • As you press, a plastic piece from the front of the film compartment will unclip and come away from the door.



  • Using your finger, press this piece of plastic to the left. This will unclip the middle and end sections.



  • The plastic piece and old Film Shield should fall away from the camera. Place the new Film Shield on the notches which are on the plastic piece.



  • Carefully clip the plastic notches into the front of the camera, taking care that the Film Shield stays in place.



  • Press the plastic into place securely on both sides.



  • When taking a photo, the image should eject under the Film Shield.



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  If you need more information, please contact our customer service at and attach some scans or digital images of your pictures showing the issue. Please also specify the number on the back of the picture and your order ID if you have ordered on our online shop.

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