Polaroid Camera Repair

At the Impossible Project we offer repair services for many refurbished Polaroid Camera models. In order to arrange to have your camera assessed for repairs, contact our Customer Service team via service@the-impossible-project.com and we will coordinate the repair with you.

Once our Repairs Department has received your camera, it will be inspected and cleaned, and you will receive a quote for the price of any repairs. Once you have received your quote and accepted the costs, your camera will be repaired and returned to you, accompanied by an invoice for any repair work performed. Any repaired parts come with a one year warranty. If you do not wish to carry out any repairs, or if your camera is deemed non-repairable, your camera will be returned to you and you will be charged €25 for the initial inspection and cleaning.

Inquire here about getting your Polaroid camera repaired


A camera that is purchased from The Impossible Project always comes with a warranty. Please include your order ID or proof of purchase when you contact us for a repair.


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