Shielding your photos

Impossible films are still sensitive to light in the first moments out of the camera. In many outdoor situations, the protective layer within the film cannot yet block out enough light in the first minutes, resulting in a washed out looking photo.

To improve the color saturation and contrast of your images it is important to shield them immediately when they are ejected from the camera and let them develop upside down/shielded from light.

You can see the difference with the below photos: 


There are several simple ways to protect your film in nearly every situation.

The most effective way to shield your film upon ejection is the Impossible Film Shield. This is available for each camera type, and you can find out how to install each of these here: box type, folding type and Image / Spectra type cameras.

If you don't have a Impossible Film Shield but would still like to shield your photos, every pack of film you start gives you a simple-to-use shade just from putting the pack in your camera, that of course is the dark slide. The dark slide is a black matte material that can be used is various ways depending on your camera type to help keep your film covered from strong light.

To see an example of how to shield with a dark slide for folding cameras, watch this video:

If you have a box type or Image / Spectra camera, you can tape the dark slide above the ejection slot to ensure that your image is covered as soon as it is ejected.

The main things to keep in mind are:
1. Film is most sensitive the first moment it starts to come out of the camera
2. The brighter your environment, the more of a need there is to shield and shield well
3. Even if in a darker space, remember that a long exposure with a little light can be the same as a quick exposure to bright light.


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