Collages with the Instant Lab Universal

You can make beautiful collages with the Instant Lab Universal. It is the perfect tool to see beyond one image and to create large photomontages and collages.

What you need

1 Impossible Instant Lab Universal
1 Impossible Film
1 compatible phone
1 high-resolution digital picture or several digital images

How to do it

Step 1 Launch the Impossible Project App on your phone. 
Step 2 Select one high-resolution digital image.
Step 3 Zoom into a part of it and crop it. 
Step 4 Follow the instructions on the screen to edit your image. You are now ready to expose your picture.
Step 5 Place your phone on the cradle with the screen facing down. 
Step 6 Once in the cradle, the phone flash will turn on. Within 3 seconds, pull the shutter slide all the way out.
Step 7 Eject your first picture.
Step 8 Repeat from part 2 to expose all the different pieces of your original digital image.
Step 9 Once developed, simply arrange all the parts together to re-create the image or to create a new collage.

Note: you can crop your image with a photo-editing software on your computer and expose all the several parts. You can also expose many different images to compose a collage.



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