How to travel with Impossible film?

Airports across the world are equipped with scanner technology in order to detect explosive devices. As our photographic film contains chemistry, it can appear suspect. It is not prohibited to travel with analog film, but we recommend you to follow these suggestions to help you avoid any issues while traveling:
  • Make sure there is no unprocessed film in your checked baggage
Scanners used to control checked baggages are very powerful and will damage undeveloped film left in checked baggage. We recommend that you remove all film from your checked baggage and to place it in your carry-on baggage.
  • Always carry your undeveloped film in your carry-on baggage
According to the Transportation Security Administration, x-ray machines that screen your carry-on baggage at the passenger security checkpoint should not affect undeveloped film under ASA/ISO 800.
Impossible film for SX-70, 600 or Image/Spectra cameras are below ASA/ISO 800, so they shouldn't be affected by a check through x-ray machines. 
Please note that carry-on security equipment might damage film if the film passes through x-ray more than five times. 
  • You can ask for your films to be physically inspected
You are allowed to ask for a physical inspection of all of your undeveloped film at security checkpoint instead of undergoing x-ray screening. This is recommended especially for high speed film (ASA/ISO 800 and higher) or if your film has or may be screened by x-ray more than five times, but you can also ask for a physical inspection of your Impossible film even if they are less than ASA/ISO 800.
To facilitate physical inspection, leave the film in the unopened packaging and place them in a clear plastic bag, a ziploc bag or in clear canisters. You may be required to open the bag, box, canister, or wrapper for the security officer to inspect all the film. 
Please note that your film might be subject to additional screening or not allowed through the checkpoint if it triggers an alarm during the checking process, appears to have been tampered with, or poses other security concerns. The final decision rests with the security agent on whether to allow any items on the plane.
When carrying large amounts of unprocessed film contact the airline prior to your flight
The airline might agree to a special baggage inspection. When possible, send your film via a cargo carrier that will certify that the film won't be x-rayed.
  • Processed film is unaffected by x-ray
Neither the machines used for checked baggage nor those used for carry-on baggage will affect film that has already been processed.
  • When traveling abroad, make sure to check the local policy on film
Policies may vary depending on airports and countries. Check with your airline or travel agent for more information on foreign airports prior to your flight. To make sure to be understood by the security agents, you might want to write down in local language that you carry film and that you wish you have it physically checked.
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