Double exposures with an Image/Spectra camera

You can make double exposures with an Image/Spectra Camera and Impossible film. It's a very easy and fun technique. 

What you need

1 Image/Spectra Polaroid Camera
1 Impossible B&W or Color Film for Image/Spectra Cameras

How to do it

Step 1 Take your Polaroid Image/Spectra camera and a pack of Impossible B&W or Color Film for Image/Spectra Cameras. Set the lighten/darken adjuster on the back of your camera to darken.

Step 2 Choose your subject, press the shutter button and do not release your finger from it. 

Step 3 Keep on holding the shutter button and open the film compartment door. You can now release your finger from the shutter button.

Step 4 Close the film compartment door.

Step 5 Take a second photo to compose the double exposure. Let the image eject from the camera. 

Step 6 Let your image develop and enjoy your double exposure!

 You can also make triple or quadruple exposures but the overall picture might be overexposed.


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