Double exposures with the Instant Lab Universal

You can create double exposures with the Instant Lab Universal. It’s quick to learn and this super cool effect can be reproduced across a myriad of different combinations—the only limit is your imagination!

What you need

1 Instant Lab Universal
1 Impossible B&W or Color Film for Instant Lab Camera 

Step 1 Take your Instant Lab Universal and a pack of Impossible B&W or Color Film for Instant Lab and load the film into the camera. 

Step 2 Using your phone, choose the two images you would like to double expose and make sure they are saved to your camera roll.

Step 3 Launch the Impossible Project App on your iPhone, and open the ‘Instant Lab (Universal)’ section from the menu, then follow the instructions on the screen to choose and edit your image. 

Step 4 Choose the first image to be exposed from your albums, this should be the image with the most black tones, crop the image as necessary then select your film type and exposure time from the pop-up list. We recommend you set the “Contrast, Gamma & Hue” to the highest possible settings and the exposure time to 250, but that’s just us! 

Step 5 If you’re new to the Instant Lab (Universal), watch the tutorial video on your phone screen and then place the device on the cradle screen facing down. Once in the cradle, the device’s flash will turn on. Within 3 seconds, pull the shutter slide all the way out, but remember do NOT push the eject button! 

Step 6 Choose ‘New Image’ to expose another image. Adjust the settings as required (we like to reduce the contrast just a touch) and then repeat Step 5. 

Step 7 This time you can press the eject button. Let your image develop and enjoy your double exposure!


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