Tone correction with the Instant Lab Universal

The Instant Lab allows you to correct the tone. Please read the instructions carefully for good results. 

If you are experienced in the use of the settings, you can opt to turn off the tone correction by tapping the filter icon in the top right of the "choose film" screen. The default tone correction can then be toggled "off".We do recommend that the tonal correction remains "on" when using the Instant Lab Universal.

Impossible film
As we continue to evolve and refine the chemistry of our films, there will be periods when we will need to update the app and its default tonal adjustments. We are constantly monitoring the performance of our film with the Instant Lab Universal to ensure that it continues to deliver the distinctive tonality that has made Impossible film a favourite of creative photographers.

Always remember to tap the subject of your image on the "choose film" screen for improved exposures!

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