What is the Impossible I-1 camera?

The Impossible I-1 is the first new camera in over a decade that uses the original instant photo format and makes real, physical photos that develop in the palm of your hand. This is the first instant camera to have a ring flash, work with an app and offer full manual control over shutter speed and aperture.

For beginners, it is a point and shoot analog instant camera, as easy to use as the Polaroid 600-type, but with more control over the end result. The I-1 features an advanced ring flash that provides soft, diffused light, and an autofocus system that makes it perfect for portraits. It has a detachable, mechanical, all-glass pop-up viewfinder.

The I-1 gives experienced instant photographers new levels of manual control through its Bluetooth app, which enables you to try out creative techniques like light painting and double exposure and also offers tips and tools for those who like to experiment.

It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to a compatible device. The app currently works on Apple iPhone, iPod touch devices and Android devices. Please visit the iOS App Store and Google Play store for more information on device compatibility. 

The mobile app enables the photographer to access the full suite of features including: remote trigger, timer, light painting, noise trigger, double exposure, and full manual mode (granting complete control over the camera’s shutter speed, aperture, lens selection, image release).

The I-1 uses a new generation of instant film (I-Type) which doesn’t require a new battery with each film pack. The battery lives within the camera itself, so film is both better for the environment and less expensive than before. The I-1 is also compatible with all 600-Type Impossible film as well, giving photographers even more flexibility.


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