How to take a photo with the Impossible I-1

The I-1 uses infrared light to work out how far away the subject is. The shutter button has two positions: press it lightly halfway into focus, and firmly all the way in to take a photo. You will feel a very subtle click when you reach the halfway position. Practice this a few times while the camera is switched off to get a feel for it and watch the video below for more information about focusing. 

Press the shutter button halfway to automatically focus your shot. Press the shutter button all the way in to take the photo. The photo will be ejected from the slot at the front of the camera as soon as you let go of the shutter button. It will be shielded from the light by the Film Shield, which also holds it in place.

In order for the autofocus to work most effectively, your subject should be at the center of your composition while the camera is focusing. If you don’t want your subject to be in the center of your photo, first compose the shot with the subject at the center. Then press the shutter button halfway into focus. To avoid a blurry photo, make sure you are at least 30cm away from your subject when you take the picture. Keep your finger on the shutter button as it’s pressed halfway in, then reframe your shot by moving your subject off-center. Then, finally, push the shutter button all the way in to take the photo. Your subject will remain in focus even though it is no longer centered.

Remove the photo from beneath the Film Shield and let the Film Shield roll back into the camera. Place the photo face down to continue shielding it from light as it develops.

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