Tips for making great photos with the Impossible I-1

Make photo indoors

Always use the flash when shooting indoors, even when you don’t think you need it. Indoor light appears yellow on Impossible film the I-1’s ring flash is designed to compensate for this.

Make photos at night

Getting a good photo at night means paying attention to the light already in the scene. You will need different settings whether you’re shooting at a party or trying to capture streetlight, for example. When shooting at a party (or in any indoor nightime environment), you should always use the flash. You can also try moving the lighten/ darken switch up to get a brighter shot. If you want to capture city lights at night, you can use the I-1 App to fine tune your image by adjusting aperture and shutter speed in Manual Mode.

Make photos outdoors

Natural light is your best friend when it comes to instant photography. On a sunny day, outdoors, you don’t need to use the ring flash at all. Make sure that the sun is always behind you when you shoot. If your environment is very bright, you can try moving the lighten/darken switch down to the ‘darken’ position to let less light into the shot and ensure it isn’t blown out. Remember that if you are not shooting in bright, direct sunlight, we recommend that you still use the ring flash.

Make landscape photos

If you’re trying to capture a landscape, make sure that the sun or main light source is behind you to prevent the image from being blown out. On a gloomy day you may wish to put the camera on a steady surface or on a tripod, which makes it easier for the entire scene to remain in focus.



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