Using a Tripod with Polaroid® or Impossible Cameras

While not all Polaroid and Impossible cameras have a tripod mount, many do. This allows for longer shutter speeds, light painting, studio photography and more. You can easily check if your camera has a tripod mount by looking on the underside (bottom) of the camera. Here you should see a small metal ring with grooves, allowing for a tripod to be screwed into place. 

A non-exclusive list of cameras which have a tripod mount follows: Impossible I-1, Polaroid SX-70 (most models), Polaroid Sun660 AF, Polaroid Impulse, Polaroid 680/690SLR. 

All these cameras utilise the standard tripod mount used internationally for many many years now, specifically: 1/4-20. 

Please note that many cameras require that you un-mount the camera from the tripod before you are able to open the film door / mouth of the camera.

Instances where you might want to use a tripod include:

  • Low-light environments
  • Light-painting
  • Self-portraits (where you want to also be in the frame)
  • Studio shoots
  • Double-exposures



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