My photo taken with the Impossible I-1 turned out blurry or fuzzy

The I-1 autofocus system selects the focus distance when you press the shutter button halfway in. It will use the center of what you see as the reference point. If your subject is off-center, move your subject to the center of your shot, then press the shutter button halfway in. Recompose your shot while still holding the shutter button half pressed in.

Hold the camera steady when shooting, especially in low light conditions, and make sure you have a strong light source to illuminate your shot. We strongly recommend that you always use the flash when shooting indoors and outdoors at night time, at dusk or on cloudy days. You can also use a tripod to give your camera a stable base.

Make sure you are not too close to your subject when you take a photo. In order to avoid blurriness, you should shoot from at least 30cm away.

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