How to connect the App to your Impossible I-1

The I-1 works as a standalone point and shoot camera, but you can also unlock more features through the Impossible I-1 App for iOS and Android.

The app currently works on Apple iPhone, iPod touch devices and Android devices. Please visit the iOS App Store and Google Play store for more information on compatible devices. 

To connect the camera to the App, put the camera in App Mode by turning the control knob counterclockwise until the Bluetooth symbol is at the front. A blue indicating LED within the camera’s ring flash will blink slowly as it searches for a device to pair with.

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone or iPod touch, then open up the App. You’ll know the devices are paired when the App screen reads ‘Connection Successful’ and the blue LED stops blinking.

If you are having trouble connecting the camera to the App, then try resetting the camera by pressing the reset button. You can find the reset button inside the film door - it’s a small black dot on the top left-hand side, above where the film pack is inserted. To push the reset button, carefully apply gentle pressure with a narrow pointed object like a pencil or a toothpick.

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