How to use the remote trigger mode on the Impossible I-1 App

Remote Trigger Mode turns your phone into a remote for your camera and lets you shoot pictures from a distance (provided you are within blue-tooth connectivity range). 

Place your camera on a steady surface and compose your shot through the viewfinder. Move into the shot, keeping your phone with you. Tap the yellow shutter button on the App screen when you’re ready to take the photo.

Use the remote trigger to take selfies or group shots without the awkward angles, or be part of the scene in a landscape shot. The remote trigger is also good for shooting in low light conditions - you can position your camera on a stable surface, like a table or a tripod, before you shoot.

In this mode you can use the flash switch on the camera to turn the flash on or off. You can also adjust the exposure of your image using the camera’s lighten/darken switch.

Screen Preview:



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