How to use the self timer mode on the Impossible I-1 App

Self Timer Mode lets you shoot a picture after a short delay.

Place your camera on a steady surface (or tripod) and compose your shot through the viewfinder. Choose whether you want the picture to be taken after 5, 10 or 20 by tapping the relevant circle on the App screen. Then tap the yellow shutter button when you’re ready -­ the App will count down the seconds until the camera takes the photo.

The self timer gives you more freedom of movement: you don’t have to hold the camera, which means you can avoid shakiness and capture motion more easily. Once you’ve set the timer you can put your phone away before you move into the frame ­- then your hands can stay free when you pose.

In this mode you can use the flash switch on the camera to turn the flash on or off. You can also adjust the exposure of your image using the camera’s lighten/darken switch.

Screen Preview:


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