How to use the light paint mode on the Impossible I-1 App

Light Paint Mode lets you experiment with two different techniques: use your phone’s flashlight to draw lines and shapes with light on your photos, or to selectively illuminate areas of a darkened scene for a high contrast effect.

For light paint to work you first need to find a dark environment: turn out the lights or go outdoors at night. Place your camera on a steady surface (or use a tripod), then compose your shot through the viewfinder. Tap the yellow shutter button on the App screen to begin shooting. Press and hold the torch icon on the App screen to turn on your smartphone torch. To draw with light, wave and move your phone in front of the camera, with the torch pointing at the lens. Or point the torch at the object or surface you want to illuminate and hold the light over it. When you’re done, press the shutter button again to eject the photo from the camera.

You don’t have to use your smartphone torch for light painting - other strong, focused light sources will also work, like a bike light or a glow stick. You can even get your friends involved: each person can draw with a different light source at the same time. Try making simple shapes or writing a few letters­ - or just experiment and see what happens. You can practice the technique by using the App to paint with light while the camera is still turned off.

Screen Preview:


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