How to use the color paint mode on the Impossible I-1 App

Color Paint Mode lets you draw waves of colored light onto your images just by using your smartphone.

Place your camera on a steady surface (or use a tripod), then compose your shot through the viewfinder. Then choose the color you want to start painting with by dragging the rainbow slider up and down the App screen. When you’re ready, press the yellow shutter button on the App screen to begin shooting. Wave and move your phone in front of the camera, with the phone’s screen pointing at the lens. You can change the color as you paint by adjusting the slider with your finger. When you’re done, press the shutter button again to eject the photo from the camera.

Color paint works best in dark environments (just like light paint), as this allows the color to show up more strongly on film. For best results, make sure your phone’s brightness is turned all the way up. Use color paint to draw out the colors in a street scene, or to give a portrait a little extra pop. You can practice the technique by using the App to paint with light while the camera is still turned off.

Screen Preview:


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