The Impossible I-1 won’t eject my photo

Make sure that the control knob is in the ‘on’ position: the yellow line on the control knob should be lined up with the line on the shutter button.

Make sure that your I-1 camera is charged: the power indicator LED should glow red if the camera is on and charged. It will rapidly blink red if it doesn’t have enough power to operate. If the light doesn’t turn on, the battery may be completely empty and need to be charged.

Make sure you still have film in your camera: to check, turn the control knob off and on. The ring flash will indicate how many shots you have left. If the red LED (top) in the ring flash blinks rapidly when the camera turns on again, this means that there are no shots left in the film pack, or that no film pack is inserted.

Make sure you press the eject button all the way in to ensure that the photo ejects properly.

If the camera is still unresponsive, try pressing the reset button inside the film door to do a hard reset.

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