How to use the double exposure mode on the Impossible I-1 App

Double Exposure Mode lets you shoot two images on a single piece of film to create unique effects.

Compose your shot through the camera’s viewfinder. Press the yellow shutter button on the App screen to take the first photo -­ it will not yet eject from the camera. Compose your second shot, then press the shutter button again. This time, the photo will eject. The two images you composed will be layered on top of one another to create a finished photo.

Double exposure is made for experimenting with: combine different types of images to see what dreamlike effects and textures you can produce. Try superimposing a highly detailed image onto a simple, high-­contrast image, e.g. a leafy tree layered with a portrait. You’ll also want to think about the light and dark areas of each image and how they might combine to produce interesting results.

In this mode you can use the flash switch on the camera to turn the flash on or off. You can also adjust the exposure of your image using the camera’s lighten/darken switch. When making a double exposure, it’s helpful to move this switch down to the ‘darken’ position.

Screen Preview:


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