How to use the noise trigger mode on the Impossible I-1 App

Noise Trigger Mode lets you trigger a picture by making a loud sound.

Compose your shot through the camera’s viewfinder. Choose how loud a sound needs to be in order to trigger the camera by dragging the yellow microphone slider up and down the App screen. Ambient noise levels are indicated by the moving white bar. Press the yellow shutter button on the App screen to activate the noise trigger - ­the white bar will turn red. Your photo will be taken when you make a sound loud enough to push the noise level bar above the microphone slider.

The noise trigger is ideal if you want to keep your hands free at the moment the photo is taken. You can also use it to take a photo of something right at the moment when it makes a sound, like an animal as it calls or a vase as it shatters.

In this mode you can use the flash switch on the camera to turn the flash on or off. You can also adjust the exposure of your image using the camera’s lighten/darken switch.

Screen Preview:


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