How to use the manual mode on the Impossible I-1 App

Manual Mode gives you full photographic control over aperture, shutter speed, ring flash strength and focus. In manual mode, the app settings override all camera hardware settings.


  • Aperture: Adjust aperture using the slider on the left: drag it upwards to reduce the aperture size, which allows less light in through the lens.
  • Shutter Speed: Adjust shutter speed using the slider on the right: drag it upwards for a longer exposure. Exposure is measured in seconds.
  • Focus: Control focus using the upper yellow wheel: choose different focus zones for close­-up shots or for landscapes.
  • Flash: Control ring flash strength with the lower yellow wheel: the brighter your surroundings, the softer the flash can be.

Start by setting focus first, because aperture range changes depending on the focus zone. We recommend you adjust aperture next, because certain shutter speeds become unavailable when you change the aperture size.

Point your camera towards the subject you’re about to shoot. The app’s light meter uses the smartphone’s display to provide an accurate light reading. Adjust aperture and shutter speed in the I-1 app until the yellow slider sits at the middle of the light meter bar. This will ensure that your image is exposed correctly.

Manual Mode features will be familiar to experienced photographers. If you’re just starting out, we recommend you learn more about aperture and shutter speed online and experiment to see how different settings affect the way your photos turn out. For example, you might choose a slower shutter speed to capture a sense of movement and add blur if desired. Once you get the hang of them, you can use manual settings to completely transform the mood of an image.

Screen Preview:


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