How to reset the Impossible I-1

The I-1 uses a microprocessor to control camera functions. The microprocessor can be reset easily. If for example the I-1 doesn't charge or connect to the App you can reset the I-1.

Please carefully read and follow the steps below and pay attention to the images illustrating this tutorial. 

What you need

  • your Impossible I-1
  • your Impossible I-1 USB cable
  • a phone charger/adapter
  • a pen or a pencil

  1. Make sure that all switches are on the following positions. This is important for the reset as these are the initial positions of the camera.
    Camera: OFF
    Flash: ON
    Lighten/Darken switch: MIDDLE

  2. Make sure there is no film pack inserted in the I-1. If there is a film pack inserted, pull the film pack out of the camera.

  3. Plug the Impossible I-1 USB cable on a smartphone charger/adapter. Charge the camera for an hour.

  4. Disconnect the Impossible I-1 USB cable from the Impossible I-1. Double check that all switches are on the positions explained on step 1 (Camera: OFF, Flash: ON, Lighten/Darken switch: MIDDLE)

  5. Open the door and locate the reset button. You can find the reset button inside the film door - it's a small black dot on the top left-hand side, above where the film pack is inserted. 

  6. Using a narrow pointed object like a pen or a pencil, press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds.

  7. Close the door, reconnect the Impossible I-1 USB cable to the I-1 and let it charge for another hour. Your I-1 is reset, you can turn it on again.


Watch more how how to reset your Impossible I-1

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