Shooting with Duochrome film

Shooting with Duochrome film can you give you amazingly unique results. To get the best out of this film, we would recommend the following: 

Make sure to shield your photo from the light while it develops, e,g, by placing it face down. Not shielding the film could cause it to appear overexposed to light.

In very bright light, let your photo develop fully in a darkened environment, like a bag or inside pocket. If a photo is shielded only at first, but then turned to face bright light, it will turn out too dark. 

After you’ve taken your first photo, take a look at the results. You can then adjust the lighten/darken settings on your camera to manipulate the result a little and get the effect you were aiming for.

 Credit: Vance Oosterhout  Credit: Steven Marland   Credit: Steven Marland 


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